The Red Cross Helped an Executive Get a Job at Save the Children After Forcing Him Out For Sexual Harassment

The Red Cross forced Gerald Anderson to resign from his position as head of the global charity’s half-billion-dollar response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake after concluding that he’d sexually harassed at least one subordinate, and then helped him secure a high-paying job with Save the Children.

Women’s NGOs are changing the world – and not getting credit for it

Women’s NGOs play crucial roles in development projects in numerous developing countries. A study conducted by Dr. Bipasha Baruah, Professor & Canada Research Chair in Global Women’s Issues, at Western University, and Dr. Kate Grantham, Research Associate, International Development, at McGill University, found that women NGOs in India and Tanzania “were easily marginalized and trivialized” once the projects they would have initiated got off the ground.

Canada Revenue Agency suspends controversial Harper-era audit of charities

The Canada Revenue Agency has suspended the controversial Harper-era auditing of Canadian charities’ political activities. But some targeted organizations such as the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, a respected left-leaning think-tank, still await closure on their audit.

The role of NGOs in Africa: are they a force for good?

Some critics argue that the neo-liberal policies advanced by powerful non-governmental organizations, NGOs, limit states’ influence and sovereignty while benefiting NGOs. In Africa, NGOs also place Africans at the mercy of donors.

Media calls white men’s sexual violence against Black African women and girls “transactional sex”

By reporting allegations of sexual assault committed by predatory white UN peacekeepers against Black African women and girls as “consensual sex”, the media presents Black bodies as “sites for white expressions of sadism and sexual perversion”, and reproduces stereotypes informed by white supremacy.