About Us

Charity Files is a media organisation dedicated to evidence-based journalism in the giving public’s interest.

The project was started by Obert Madondo, an Ottawa-based blogger, activist, photographer, digital rights addict, former political aide, and former international development administrator. Obert is the publisher of The Canadian Progressive, a hard-hitting, activism-oriented political blog.

The project has two missions: one short-term, the other long-term.

Short term mission:

That’s Charity Files, committed to defending and championing the public’s right to understand how foreign aid, charities, non-profits, and so-called social enterprises, work.

We strongly believe that Canadian and global philanthropy is enhanced through a strong, independent and accountable voluntary sector. And, especially, when the public is more aware of how charities work and use donated resources.

To that end, we’ll publish news and original documents that encourage charities to be more accountable and transparent with donations. We welcome leaked information from charity insiders. We invite you to participate. Please feel free to call yourself a “whistleblower,” i.e. a person who voluntarily provides original information about a possible violation of charity law that took place in the past, is ongoing, or is about to occur.

If you have information or documents that may turn out to be the one great lead we need to publish the truth, Email Us today.

We won’t publish any of your personal information without your permission. To send us information anonymously, please use our SecureDrop site.

Here’s why this mission is crucial.

A public opinion poll conducted by an Edmonton-based private foundation in 2013 revealed that Canadians expect more from the more than 85,000 registered charities in Canada. The poll revealed that Canadians are deeply concerned about how charities use donations, and how they report “how donations are used, the impact of programs and charities’ fundraising costs.”

Most importantly, the poll revealed that organizations involved in international development are the least trusted charities in Canada. The poll also shows that trust in charity leaders has “decreased and softened.”

All this, we believe, suggests that there’s something going on, something that has caused Canadians’ trust in certain charities to nose-dive. Is it lack of financial accountability and transparency?

Whatever it is, it’s clear that we need to talk about how charities work and use resources.

We’re deadly serious about this!

Long-term mission:

Transformation of Charity Files into a bigger entity dedicated to producing fearless journalism that confronts the abuse of power, position and resources. To this end, we’ll publish fearless news and primary source documents. We’ll produce journalism that demands transparency and accountability from the elites in political, corporate and societal power.

We look forward to your companionship on this journey!